Music Theory


Do what makes you happy! Embrace this if you want to play a song you love, write your own songs, or simply inflict mental anguish upon yourself.  The first few major chords are like the alphabet… if you want to play music, unfortunately, you have to force yourself into figuring them out first.

If you’re looking for some singing tips, drink warm water, and sing along with lyrics here! 


Here are the notes for the treble, alto and bass clef. You can also figure them out with these balanzas! That means scales in Español, hombre! Remember that no sharps or flats exist between B C and E F.


Here are some modes and chromatic + diatonic scales with note review! Modes are pretty much the same thing as scales, but they are not the same thing.

The rest of this is for guitarists. If you want to play piano, go here!


Here are the…

Essential Major & Minor Chords

Power Chords

Major Chords

Minor Chords

Sixth Chords

Seventh Chords

Ninth Chords

Eleventh Chords

Thirteenth Chords

Slash Chords

Suspended Chords

Augmented  Chords

Diminished Chords

Devil’s Interval

Inverted Triads



Intro | the beginning of a song, usually instrumental

Verse | changing lyrics tell the story

Chorus | repeated lyrics and beat

Refrain | a verse mirroring a chorus, with the same line at the end of each phrase

Interlude | a rest in the lyrics, but not the music

Bridge | a change in the lyrics and music, a passage to the next part of the song

Elision | a section of song with two overlapping song structures (i.e. lyrics of the chorus over the intro)

Outro (Coda) | the end of a song or movement, usually instrumental


Here are a couple of my favorite websites for figuring out how to play songs. Ultimate guitar  might be the most popular, but it’s usually inaccurate, with the exception of the complete guide to songs section.

Songsterr | Tabs and Chord Charts (free)

Jellynote | Sheet music (free but after signing up)



The Tallest Man on Earth, Sonic YouthJack White, Curtis Mayfield and Chris Rea are all artists who use alternative tunings. Click below for…

Key Signatures